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GSA Financial Management / GSA-OCFO Vendor Payment Portal / Payment Information
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Vendor Payment Information

Overview of GSA Invoice Processing

The General Services Administration employs two finance divisions to process invoices. These operations are located in Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Worth, Texas. All invoices related to contracts associated with public building maintenance, construction and utilities are processed in Fort Worth. All other types of goods and services procured by GSA are processed in Kansas City, Missouri.

All GSA procurement and invoice processing activity is governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations, tariff regulations as well as the Prompt Pay Act

GSA coordinates with the U.S. Treasury's Financial Management Services (FMS) to schedule and process payment disbursements to the financial institutions utilized by our vendors. Additional information regarding the FMS organization can be found at:

Status of Payments

GSA offers several web based self-help tools for our vendors to track the status of their payments. These are the Payment Status website and the email Payment Notification tools. Click here to register and use these services.

Payment Offsets

GSA may "offset" a claim against a vendor by reducing the payment of a current invoice. This occurs when either GSA has established a claim from a previous transaction (shipment shortages, rejected materials or services, order cancellations, etc.) or when directed by US Treasury. In either circumstance, vendors should have received notification as to the amount and reason(s) for the offset.

Please verify payment amount using the Payment Status website prior to contacting our customer service for additional assistance.

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number

Banking and vendor information must be updated in the System for Award Management (SAM).program.