Child Care Information Portal

Child Care Information Portal

U.S. Coast Guard Child Care Subsidy Program

The United States Coast Guard Child Care Subsidy Benefit program was created to assist U.S. Coast Guard members who use any federal child care center, or any state licensed child care facility in the Continental U.S. (CONUS) and outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS) which includes child development centers as well as in home child care providers to provide child care for their children.

Please be advised that the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Child Care Subsidy Program offered through the GSA is based upon the Department of Defense (DOD) fee structure that the U.S. Coast Guard and DOD CDC's have in place. Therefore, if you are using any USCG or DOD CDC you are currently paying child care rates that are comparable or equal to this program and would not qualify to receive benefits under this program.

The benefit is available to Active Duty Members and Active Duty Reservists called to action for 180 days or longer. Families may qualify for subsidy benefits in accordance with the Benefit Table based upon their Total Family Income (TFI) (Adjusted Gross Income + Annual BAS + Annual BAH II).

Eligibility to receive benefits is based upon all documents submitted to the GSA Subsidy Administration Section for review. A determination of benefits will be completed at which time the Member will receive an email from the GSA informing them of the benefit that they may be entitled to and the effective date. Please be advised that you are financially responsible for all child care costs until you have been informed by the GSA that a U.S. Coast Guard Subsidy benefit has been approved on the Member’s behalf.

Eligibility includes the following categories of U.S. Coast Guard Members:

  1. Active duty USCG member or a USCG Reservist who has been called to Active Duty for 180 days or longer, and
  2. The parent or legal guardian of a child (or children) age 12 and younger, and
  3. Pay child care costs for that child (or children) to a licensed/regulated provider

and are:

  1. A single parent, or
  2. A member with a spouse or partner who is working, attending school or looking for work and meets any of the following:
    1. Working a minimum of 20 hours per week
    2. Actively seeking employment
    3. Enrolled in school a minimum of 12 credit hours for spring/fall semester and/or 6 credit hours for summer
    4. In the process of enrolling in school a minimum of 12 credit hours for spring/fall semester and/or 6 credit hours for summer
    5. A combination of credit hours and labs, work study or other related studies that do not result in a credit hour or hours may qualify. (A review of the school schedule will be required to determine eligibility.)
    6. Any combination of work and school hours

To begin your application process, please use U.S. Coast Guard Child Care Subsidy Program Application Process.

If you have additional questions regarding the subsidy program, eligibility, the application process, etc. please use USCG Child Care Subsidy Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).